Community Bus Service

A community bus service will run according to the following timetable for a 20 week trial period. The service began on 25 June and will operate every week on a Monday. There are two services into Bicester (and back) each week. 

During the trial period, the service will be free to all users. 

Click here to view the timetable

Nottingham Knockers

Nottingham Knockers

Due to a recent increase in reports please see the below...


We have received a few reports recently that Nottingham Knockers have been operating in your area. Please read the following, thank you.


The young lads who go door to door, selling household products.

Often they have some form of ID which they display, but this is bogus.  They may also hand over a card saying they are deaf / dumb / just out of prison / in the process of being reformed and working towards a better life.

The bag of household products is supplied by the man who employs them.  We did have a man who lived in the Thames Valley area, who organised the local lads.  Traditionally they came from Nottingham – hence the name, but now, they are recruited from anywhere.

How does it work?

The lads are supplied with the full bag and charged a minimal sum for the contents – it used to be £35.  They can keep whatever they make, above this amount.

Usually they are deposited in an area from a Transit Van and given a list of streets to work.  An hour or so later they are picked up and dropped off, in another location.  They often work from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

They will knock on a door, offering cleaning items, they know to be rubbish, which the householder also knows to be rubbish.  That is part of the scam.  Many people will purchase items pay them something, just to go away.  

The price for whatever has been purchased usually comes to a note – usually £10.  The householder disappears to get this – this is when the scam begins – when the note is handed over, the lad examines the condition and how long it took the person to get it.  If it is crumpled, they accept it and move on.  If it is crisp flat and new – they are much more interested and may engage the person in more conversation, to obtain details about them.  As they leave they will smell the note.  If it is slightly musty – this is an indication that there is more in the property.  Those addresses are noted.  The addresses of elderly / vulnerable / gullible people are all noted.

These are handed to the employer and there is a small amount of cash handed over for each one.

These addresses are then sold in prisons and pubs.  If there is a later break-in, the employer expects a further cut of the proceeds.

These lists are purchased by all sorts of people including – tarmacers, tree workers, roofers, dodgy builders etc. 

Once on a list, your address could be sold on and on.  Hence the repeat nature of these persistent callers.

In almost every case of a stop check – the lads have long strings of convictions, for burglary and violence.  They use the skills learnt during their criminal activity to identify possible targets.

N.B. If any salesperson comes to your door, we’d suggest you ask to see their Pedlar’s certificate - these are only issued to individuals under very strict conditions.

If they are in your area, please call us immediately on 101 with a description of them & any associated vehicle they may be using.

Thank you

Sent by Bicester Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team

Message Sent By
Abigail Newall (Police, PC, Cherwell)

Wendlebury Community Choir


100 Club Winners

Winners of the May draw are as follows:

May 2018

26 Sue Gammond £50

54 Hazel Powell £20

76 Emma & Ian Shirvell £10

Playing Field Upgrade

Over the years, funding for the playing field, as well as other facilities in the village, has been sourced (in part) through the landfill tax credits scheme. This scheme allows communities that are located within 10 miles of a land fill site to apply for money to support local projects - the scheme supports ca. 90% of the cost of a project, whilst we need 'match-fund' the remaining amount. Whilst the Viridor land fill site at Ardley has now closed, we have been able to apply for funding through an organisation called WREN as we are within 10 miles of the land fill facility at Calvert.

Success in these funding applications has always required support from the local community to demonstrate the wider need for the project. A huge thank you to everyone who completed the on-line survey and in particular to those that wrote letters of support for our application - especially those from the children of the village - these really boosted our application.

Our proposal is to replace items that are getting 'tired' and to rejuvenate and provide recreational facilities to the community over the next 15-20 years. Specifically we plan to:

·         replace items in the playground area;

·         improve the external pathway / bike track;

·         install a six station trim trail around the perimeter of the field;

·         provide a permanent table tennis table.

Our application for funding was successful - we were able to secure £60,000 from WREN which will go a long way to paying for the work that needs to be carried out.

In addition to this funding, we were also very pleased to receive and secure separate donations from a charitable trust (the Lennox Hanney foundation) totalling £15,000. This additional amount allows us to 'match-fund' the WREN grant and to cover the additional costs that we will need to spend to complete the whole project.

We have just a few final administrative tasks to complete before we can instruct contractors to begin the work - our aim is to have everything completed before the school summer holidays begin.

Parish Council Vacancy

Following the resignation of one of the Parish Councillors, we have a vacancy on the Parish Council. Please see the vacancy notice here

The Phoenix Singers with Trinity Camerata

Bin Collections

From August 2017, bin collections in Bucknell will be on a Wednesday (rather than Friday).

This link shows the collection calendar through until 13 December 2017 - note that we are in South Cherwell and the first collection on a Wednesday will be the Green Bin collection on Wednesday 2 August.  

Church Garden Party

The Church Garden Party, held on 1 July 2017,  was an enjoyable social occasion for the villagers of Bucknell and for others who came in from elsewhere. We were very fortunate with the weather with cloud clearing to sunshine in the afternoon. Bucknell PCC is grateful to Derek and Kate Hedges who made their lovely garden and orchard at Manor Farm available. There were stalls, games and a ride behind a small steam engine. The most popular thing were the cream teas which were served throughout the afternoon around the tables and chairs kindly lent by Bucknell Village Hall. The tractor, car and motor bike display in the orchard opposite Manor Farm was a much admired attraction in its own right and well worth the £2 entrance fee which was charged. I was fascinated by the 1927 Francis Barnet motor bike. My father owned one in the 1930s and it was a joy to see one!

The net proceeds came to £1,041 which was an excellent effort and will go towards the "parish share" which St Peter's Church pays the Diocese of Oxford towards the cost of clergy stipends.

The "Bucknell 100 Club" which will now be run by Bucknell Parochial Church Council was launched at the garden party and we are offering numbers from 1 to 100 for a monthly draw to be held at the Village Hall Bingo session on the 1st Friday of each month starting in October. The cost of having a number is £20 per year, with monthly prizes of £50, £20 and £10. Proceeds will go towards getting a WC and a servery put in St Peter's Church. Please contact me, Kate Hedges or Pat Brain for further information or to participate. Only those over 18 years old may buy a number, however, an adult (who will be the recipient of any prize won) may buy a ticket on behalf of someone under 18. 

Rev.d Becky Matthew

Rev'd Becky Mathew will be leaving the Parish in July. The last service that she will hold in Bucknell will be on Sunday 16 July - this will be the 11am Holy Communion and will be followed by a Bring and Share Lunch at the Village Hall. All are welcome to either or both events to say a fond farewell to Becky and to wish her well in her new Parish.

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