Community Hub

The government have asked that all Communities set up Hub's to help their residents during the Coronavirus crisis. Rachael and Holly have volunteered to do this for Bucknell. Whether you are totally isolating, can't get out of the village or just want some moral support they can help you by linking you with someone else in the village that can help.

Are you self isolating? OR would you like a friendly ear?

Volunteers can help with:

·        Shopping/urgent supplies

·        Getting prescriptions

·        Dog walking

·        Picking up parcels

·        Posting mail

·        Advice on other support you can get

·        Or a friendly ear and a chat

 If you would either like help or if you would like to join the team contact us by email by clicking on the box below or call:



Here are some useful links if you are looking for some extra help.




Or if you are lonely you can call Age UK on 01865 411 288


 Check out 'Bucknell Village' on Facebook....

You can connect with neighbours and keep in touch with whats happening in the village.


.....or click on the picture below for Parish Council and other village news



Anyone who helps you are volunteers. They must not take any money from you that is not for items that have been bought on your behalf and they should provide a receipt.

Please don't give anyone any money without a receipt and do not give anyone your bank details....even if you know them.

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