Shopping Help

Bucknell’s Community hub is setting up some food deliveries to Bucknell to reduce trips to the shops and help those who cant easily get out during the COVID-19 restrictions. These will start as of next week.

In the first instance, we will be distributing BOTH bakery and fruit and veg orders. Orders need to be with either Holly or Rachael by Friday of each week.

Nash’s bakery will deliver to Bucknell on a Monday, order from:

  • White sliced bread - £2.20, 
  • Brown sliced bread - £2.50, 
  • Unsliced Sourdough - £3, 
  • 6 x Hot-cross buns - £4
  • 4 x doughnuts - £2.

We will arrange a bulk collection from The Fruit stall in Bicester to be distributed in the village on a Saturday.

  • Mixed fruit and veg box SMALL - £15
  • Mixed fruit and veg box LARGE - £25

If you would like to order any of the above or have an questions please contact

Rachael.e.blakey @ 07771 956 744 or hollyputtock @ 07738 506 577 (if you are are emailing, please remove the spaces before and after the @ symbol)

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