Flower and Produce Show 

Each year, the Village Hall Committee organises the Bucknell Flower and Produce Show. Details of the 2018 Show wil be available shortly.


Below are the details for the 2017 show.

Sunday 10 September 2017 - 22nd Annual Bucknell Flower and produce Show


There are three cups. The Rouse Cup will be awarded for best overall entry in the show.                                                 

The Savins Cup will be awarded to the adult exhibitor having the most points for all exhibits in all divisions. Points will be awarded on the basis of 5 for a first 3 for a second and 1 for third.

The Bucknell Cupcake Champion Cup will be awarded to the winner of class 38.                                                            

As well as the usual prizes for all the children’s classes, there will be cash prizes for the overall winners of the children’s division (1st prize £5, 2nd prize £3 & 3rd prize £1.)  The cash prize will be based on a points system, namely 5 points for the winner of each separate class, 3 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd.


An Auction of Produce Donated by Exhibitors at 3.15 p.m.

Class Information

Division One            


1.  Three onions      

2.  Three carrots, with tops                    

3.  Pair of marrows                                

4.  Five tomatoes with calix                  

5.  Six pods runner beans                      

6.  Seven shallots                                         

7.  Dish of five potatoes.                                                

8  Three courgettes

9.   Three beetroot (globe)

10. Pair of cucumbers

11. Six cherry tomatoes

12. Collection of not less than 5 kinds of vegetable

13. Three Leeks

14. Collection of four saladings

Division Two                                      


15.  Five eating apples                      

16.  Five cooking apples

17.  Dish of any soft fruit

Division Three                           


18.  Vase of sweet peas

19.  Three cactus dahlias

20.  Three any other dahlias

21.  Three chrysanthemums

22. Single chrysanthemum

23.  One single rose

24. Five marigolds any variety 

25. Three spikes gladioli

26. Single gladioli spike

27. Five antirrhinum 

28. Any other flower not referred to above (min. 3)

29. Container of cut mixed garden flowers, not arranged.

Division Four

Pot Plants

30.Pot plant - flowering

31.Pot plant – foliage

32.A cactus or succulent

Division Five   


33. Pot of marmalade

34. Pot of any jam

35. Pot of any jelly

36. Pot of any chutney

37. Victoria sponge cake – 7”

38. 4 Cupcakes

39. Six fruit scones

40. Quiche

41. Fruit Cake - own recipe

Division Six

Children’s classes

Apart from the colouring competition these  will fall into 2 age groups – under and over 7 years old

42. Colouring competition - below (click to download image in a pdf format)

43. Vegetable animal.

44. Gingerbread Family

45. Iced and decorated rich tea biscuit

46. Garden om a plate (max 10”)

47. A painting or drawing (max. size A4).

Division Seven

These will be judged in two separate classes for under and over 18.years. 


48. Needlework - any medium

49. An article, metal, or clay, wood or plastic.

50. Photography, “ Sunset/ sunrise.”

51. Photography “ Yellow and black ”

(Photographs max size A4)

Division Eight

Flower Arrangements

52. A mixed bunch of herbs tied or in vase.

53. Flower arrangement, “Halloween”  (max size 46cm)

Division Nine

Heaviest and Largest

54. Heaviest marrow

55. Most unusually shaped fruit or vegetable

56. Heaviest Pumpkin

57. Longest bean

58. Tallest Sunflower

59. Largest sunflower head


1.  All entries for exhibition must be the property of the exhibitor and entered in the owner’s name.

2.  Entry fee of 30p per exhibit, except for children’s classes where the entry fee is 20p.

3.  Entries together with entry fees must be made by Sunday 3rd September 2017 to Mrs Rosemary Aldridge, 13 Middleton Road, Bucknell, Nr Bicester, Oxon.

4.  Entries will only be accepted from residents or former residents of the Parish of Bucknell or members of Bucknell W.I.

5.  No entries on the day will be accepted.

6.  Exhibits must be delivered to the committee at the show not later than 10.30 a.m.(The hall will be open from 8.15 am) on the day of the show and they may not be removed until after 3.00 p.m.

7.  Children’s and any other prizes will be awarded at 3.00 p.m. approximately. 

8.  The committee will not accept responsibility for any damage or loss and exhibits are accepted only on this condition.

9.  Exhibitors should indicate on their entry form if they are unwilling for their entry to be auctioned at the end of the show.  As an extra precaution exhibitors are asked to remove the exhibits they do not wish auctioned before the auction commences at 3.15 p.m.  Alternatively exhibitors should notify a member of the committee at the end of the show.  The auction will begin at 3.15 p.m.


In the event of a doubt or dispute arising out of the interpretation of these regulations, the decision of the Committee shall be final.

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