Bucknell Village Hall Facilties

There is an entrance lobby containing a small bar with a sink unit. Toilets, including a fully equipped disabled washroom are accessed from the lobby.

The main hall measures 12 x 6 metres and at one end has a 6 x 2.5 metres raised stage 600mm high. The stage can be accessed independently from the main hall and from both sides. 

The side extension off the main hall measures 6 x 2.4 metres and is used for storage of 16 folding tables 700 x 1800mm, 3 folding tables 700 x 900mm, 80 stacking upholstered chairs and 8 upholstered chairs with arm rests. Access to the stage.

The kitchen measures 3.7 x 2.5 metres and is equipped with double sink and drainer, a single oven, separate hob, a refrigerator, freestanding Urn and a hostess trolley.  80 Dinner & Dessert Plates with cutlery are also available for hire.   

Audio visual equipment is also available for hire (at additional cost to the main hall) - please ask for details. 

To find out more about booking the hall, contact us here.

Please note that bookings for Children’s birthday parties are restricted to residents of Bucknell unless approval in writing is obatined from the Village Hall Commiitee.

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